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Specializing in all types of wood burning stoves, we are committed to providing a personalized customer experience from beginning to end

Proudly serving the greater Portland area 


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A comfortable, cozy atmosphere like when sitting by a warm hearth on a cold day.



At Weirwood Chimney and Stoves, we like to make sure our customers get the perfect stove to fit their needs. That's why we will help you choose the right wood burning stove after an initial consultation, taking all factors into consideration. And with years of experience and expert craftsmanship, we will make sure your stove goes in worry-free.


Wood Stove Removal

Whether you're getting ready to sell a house or upgrading your existing wood stove, getting rid of one can be quite a hassle. On top of that, local environmental laws can be confusing to navigate. That's why Weirwood Chimney and Stoves makes it quick and easy to remove your stove and get your DEQ confirmation number within 24 hours. So give us a call now to get that metal monster out of your living room.

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Maintenance & Parts

Annual maintenance is a big part of being a wood burning stove owner, so let us make your life easier with quick and professional chimney sweeps and inspections. We service all types of wood burning stoves or masonry fireplaces in the greater Portland area.

DIY Installation

If you have plenty of tools and confidence, with our help you can easily install your own wood burning stove. After a site visit and consultation, we can determine what materials are required for your project. We'll deliver exactly what you need, right to your hearth. And with expert advice and guidance along the way, you can rest easy knowing your installation was done the right way.

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