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DIY Install & Repair

With our help, you can easily install your own wood burning stove and chimney.

Our service is perfect for somebody that has the tools confidence to install their own wood stove. We can save you time, money, and many trips to the stove shop.

Before you decide where you want your wood burning stove to go, we recommend calling for a consultation. Sometimes the 'perfect spot' doesn't have enough clearance to combustibles, so staying open minded about your stove's placement is important.


After the placement is decided, we will itemize all the necessary parts for you and deliver them right to your hearth. At any step of the process, we will be there to give expert advice and guidance to make sure your wood stove installation is professional and up-to-code. 

If you want to install your own wood burning stove, call us for a consultation and we will save you precious time and money by making your  DIY installation fast and easy.

Screwdrivers on Rack
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